Get out of pain and back into life!

Most of us, as some point in our lives, encounter limitations to our ability to experience the sheer joy of being human and in taking full advantage of all life offers.  These limitations may be from a short-term injury and recovery, or they may have links to long-standing life patterns.  As a result there is pain, tension, stiffness, low energy, poor digestion or elimination, or any of a host of other symptoms. Often, we treat the symptom, and find, at best, temporary relief.  We are even told that aches, pains, and lower energy are just part of aging, and to adjust our lives down into ever smaller ranges of motion and action.

It doesn’t have to be so! 

In Turning Light PureEase Yoga and Therapeutic Yoga , we start with improving function in the musculoskeletal system and in breath, and from here, mind, emotions, and more often also find ease.  

Private sessions and classes include unique yoga therapy props and small movements to create neuromuscular reeducation to find freedom, resolve pain, and increase functionality.

In Turning Light Constellations we begin with finding new perspectives of the family soul and our place within it, and from here, often the physical and mental bodies also find more ease.  (Think epigenetics – the markers that influence gene expression which are influenced by past and current experience.)

Turning Light Center was founded in 2003, to bring together many different works united by the focus on growing EASE and JOY in life. We offer classes, workshops, guest teachers, retreats and more.