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constellationsWhat excites me is improving function, improving our experiences of day to day living.  In Yoga, when function improves, we are strong and graceful without strain.  In life, when function improves, we have more clarity, energy, and strength to do what we love, and be who we most wish to be.

Do you ever feel like certain issues in your life come around again and again, across different situations and relationships?  Often, hidden attachments and systemic dynamics underlie these issues.  Starting with the personal concerns and longings of participants and using the experience of the whole group, we “drop below” the oft-told story, taking a fresh look at these stuck or painful places.  From there we have a new view into what really holds us back, locating new support and openings for creative new movement — leading to new life possibilities, often in surprising ways.

“What is essential is invisible to the eye, it is only with the heart that one sees rightly.”  Antoine St. Exupery in The Little Prince

a configuration of related people, properties, and concepts.

Recurring patterns echo in our personal and professional relationships. Constellations help us see these patterns – sometimes for the first time, but certainly in new ways. Constellations provides a creative, innovative and profound way of seeing the usually hidden dynamics that shape not only family, but also organizational, systems. By placing people in a special grouping (called a Constellation) we can explore perplexing issues with sensitivity and shed light on a variety of personal and professional dilemmas.


Turning Light Constellations is dedicated to working with a wide range of clients and issues: individuals, families, public organizations, leaders and consultants, social and political institutions, communities and corporations. We offer new insights and perspectives, healing, and resolution for some of the most troubling and intractable issues of our lives and times.

In each of these and other areas, Turning Light Constellations addresses deeply felt issues about life, family, and community in ways that are profoundly moving in their simplicity and spirituality. We are dedicated to supporting the development of people, organizations, and communities through working with truth and compassion on action-based, solution-focused approaches that move things forward constructively rather than negatively.


This work is generally and most effectively done in public workshops with live people to stand in as representatives for people and components of an individual’s or an organization’s issue. Usually workshop participants do not know each other well, or at least are unrelated, and often they are perfect strangers.

However this is not always possible and there are tools to do this work in a small group (2-3 people) or even one to one. Please contact us for more information.

I love that science has recently made great strides in explaining (epigenetics, neuroplasticity) how we can change even deeply embedded lifelong patterns physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  AND I, my students, clients, and teachers, simply know it works!  (darcy)