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Family Constellations

family_tree-278x300ORDERS OF LOVE – Healing the Family Tree

Constellations grew out of an approach pioneered by Bert Hellinger, a German systems philosopher and family therapist. Hellinger’s approach – initially called the Orders of Love – is an approach to healing that promotes constructive action and frees us and those we love from suffering.

Hellinger demonstrated the importance of the natural forces (or “orders”) that support or constrain the healthy flow of love in relationships. Ignoring these “orders of love” leads to consequences for family members, often over many generations, consequences that can blight lives and limit our potential in the world. We respond to these often invisible forces mostly unconsciously, furthering our own and others’ suffering.

Conventional therapy tends to focus on the individual who is manifesting the greatest distress or disturbance. But such approaches tend to ignore the subtle, often hidden, dynamics that occur within family systems as a whole. Constellations, and it’s “orders of love,”” works with hidden dynamics in family systems, providing felt-experience that leads to insight and often restoring order in troubled family life.


The orders, identified by Bert Hellinger over year of observations and 1000’s of constellations, reflect natural laws or structures of systems that support the flow of love in families and energy in other types of systems. These orders reflect a profound respect for the truth and relate to time, place, belonging, function, and maintenance of the balance of give and take. Taken together and worked on within the framework of a constellation, they promote understanding and healing. By understanding the orders of love that govern relationships, by focusing on what makes us strong rather than weak, and by emphasizing the need for compassion and action, Hellinger’s work offers people a larger frame of reference that can open the way to life-enhancing solutions.


At Turning Light Constellations, a family workshop involves about 20 people who create a confidential and safe environment for the work. The essence of the work involves people, acting as representatives of a specific family, being positioned in a special grouping, called a Constellation. The issue holder is able to step aside and witness the Constellator working to make the underlying dynamics more visible. This alone can enable one to move forward in life with a clearer understanding and a more open heart. Resolutions are also possible as transformational new perspectives emerge from the Constellation releasing the flow of love and energy. Working with historical family dynamics permits problems to be transformed in the present in a way which people experience as profoundly and permanently healing.

There are 3 ways you might take part:

Generally, only 4-6 issues per day will be able to be worked; however, this work is profoundly moving for all persons watching and actively involved. Every heart is likely to be touched and each attendee will walk away enriched.

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ABOUT The Facilitator, Darcy Cunningham MBA, CYT

Darcy fell in love with this approach in 1997, and has since trained extensively with Judith Hemming, one of Europe’s leading facilitators and teachers of this work.  She has also studied in Europe and the US directly with founder Bert Hellinger, and with pioneers Hunter Beaumont, Gunthard Weber, Ursula Franke, and several other leading practitioner/teacher/authors of this work.  Darcy also brings to the work years of Gestalt training in working with personal and organizational systems, and a life-long practice in meditation and yoga.