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Maher & India

Replicating Maher: Creating your own NGO

Replicating Maher: Creating your own NGO

Maher residents coming to Maine & New Hampshire!

Two remarkable young men, both raised at Maher, now adults, are coming to Maine in October, 2016.  Events are still being finalized; check our calendar for updates.

Gaus Sayyad and Mangesh Pol have been in the US since June, both learning more about working with youth, and also sharing their knowledge & skills about Maher: domestic violence, growing up in an Interfaith community,  organizing community youth programs, village development and more – plus of course teaching us some fun Bollywood Dance as well!  Help welcome them, learn, and have fun!

Sister Lucy & Maher thank you for your support!

Thanks to YOU we raised nearly $4000 for Maher’s work in India fall of 2015.


New Documentary Film Sister Heart was a great hit last September when it debuted.

Upcoming Screening Dates, Locations:

MECA  Osher Auditorium Wednesday Oct 12, 2016  – see our calendar for up to date info!

Dignity from Despair – A Step by Step Guide to Transforming the Lives of Women & Children

Dignity from Despair was born on the banks of the Ganga when this author shared lunch with Sister Lucy. Sister Lucy explained that she received many requests to set up more Mahers but that she could no longer say yes to all these requests, especially those beyond India.  She wanted a manual that would describe to people step by step what they could do to create their own Maher-inspired organization.  Requests had come from India, Africa, Western Europe, and the United States. I knew I could do it; I knew I would be changed in the process; I knew I could only say “yes.”

As the book developed, it became clear that there was a lot of information, forms, details, and samples that would be useful for people to have in their hands, not only on the pages of a book. And so the site ReplicateMaher was born to allow anyone to download excel budget templates, job descriptions, donor tracking spreadsheets, planning worksheets, and more, based on the information in Dignity from Despair.

Why This Book Now?

There is a worldwide rapid awakening to the profound need for communities to act to protect and heal our most vulnerable citizens, women and children. A horrific rape in Delhi, a gang rape in US videoed to classmates, a Pakistani girl shot for the crime of seeking an education, these cases and more have galvanized public outrage and led to a global outcry for practical solutions. We simply cannot wait for government solutions to fix what ails our world. Maher is one proven model of community-based action with sixteen years, over 2500 women and nearly 2300 children, and overwhelmingly successful outcomes. This book comes along at just the right time to detail how to replicate Maher’s success, whether in its home in India, or in Africa, Southeast Asia, or even in the West. From envisioning an organization, to space design, to staffing, to dealing with challenges, there are plans, tips, lessons learned, and case studies from Maher, even templates for budgets, admissions records, etc. There is enough detail to save having to reinvent the wheel, plus guidelines to support each organization to develop uniquely, thereby able to fit into its own local context.