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Meditation & Mindfulness

darcy_meditate_circ[Meditation] is the direct naked encounter with our own awareness that shifts our understanding of who we are and gives us the power to stand firmly in our own center.”
∼ Sally Kempton

“Meditation is… the finest tool we have for personal growth and development.  Through meditation, we systematically expand our inner awareness and become conscious of our true inner potential.”
∼ Dr. Phil Nuernberger, The Quest for Personal Power

“No amount of self improvement can compensate for a lack of self acceptance.”
∼ Source unknown

Mindfulness, a step along the way toward meditation, allows us to connect to our inner life and also to connect more meaningfully with others.

Benefits of mindfulness and meditation:

Clarity, empathy, self-acceptance, emotional resilience, improved focus, improved relationships … ultimately a more joyful life, regardless of circumstances.

We can literally re-tune our nervous system, and gain access to more of who we are. We can’t change others, but we can change our relationship to our inner selves. We can change our reaction, our perspective, our mind, and our heart. And so our range of responses grows, allowing us improved function and greater pain-free range of movement.

Learn to Meditate in 3 simple steps:

10 minutes a day can make a difference in your life! ANYONE CAN LEARN!
I have been meditating myself since I was a teenager, and have taught countless others these simple steps, helping them refine their practice over time. People are off meds (e.g.: ADHD, asthma, antidepressants, etc.), more resilient, more grounded, easier to be with, to work with and for, and just plain happier.

Ways to begin:

Restorative Meditation Class

Build up your buffer for Fall seasonal changes and the Holidays.

Fall is a big season change – both in terms of climate (from warm and moist to cold and dry) and lifestyle. Summers we are focused on being outdoors, being active,… summers have their own rhythm.  Fall has almost a “new year” feel: back to school, more time inside, new projects, and this year, a stressful election cycle to boot. Change, whether seasonal, lifestyle, or whatever, is disruptive to our system: our minds spin, our hormones (both for men and women) shift, our skin and membranes dry out, etc. and we are more susceptible to “bugs” going around. We need to find a new balance in body, mind, and soul to maintain health and happiness. 

Come for a short 6-week restorative series to help restore balance and build a buffer for yourself.  We’ll draw on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and more. Each class will include a 20-30 minute guided meditation that can be done in a supported reclining position. Gain tools you can use easily at home. Move through Fall into Winter with EASE. 

Art & Practice of Meditation

Meditation is a lifeskill that not only helps us manage stress, sleep better, and get healthier, but it also helps us become happier human beings.  We get the most from meditation when its a daily practice – even 10 minutes.  Each weekly class will support developing a regular personal meditation practice.  Topics will  range from skills, to trouble-shooting, to best practices. Includes knowledge and skills for quieting the body, mind, proper breathing, pranayama, and more.  12 week class begins Jan 2016.  See Calendar for schedule.

Check the Saturday Series for scheduled group classes, or schedule one or more privates, or gather a small group for a custom class, designed to fit your goals. (Please inquire.)

For a short (11 min) guided meditation, listen below: