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Therapeutic Yoga

What is Therapeutic Yoga? 

Circular_12Therapeutic Yoga is a mindful and personalized approach to reducing pain, improving your flexibility, enhancing your strength and stability. Get out of pain and  enjoy what is important to you – now!

Who can benefit from Therapeutic Yoga?

“Faced with muscles that simply won’t release, many yogis remain at a plateau of their ability, often for the rest of their lives.” Thomas Hanna, founder of Somatics

Did you know?
Sample conditions we can help:

Pain is a sign that something is wrong, yet rarely is the site of the pain where you will find the root of the problem. Masking the symptoms of pain, will never resolve the pain. Instead pain teaches you to pay attention, to look more deeply at your body and your life, and can be a doorway to lasting quality of life improvement.

What to Expect:

Clients who do 3 things attain the fastest progress and lasting results:

  1. stay aware of novel internal sensations with curiosity as we work
  2. practice home movement program (a unique customized program is provided after each session)
  3. book 4 sessions so they have continuity and keep the ball moving down the court
  4. See also: Calm Steady Strong™ Therapeutic Yoga for people affected by cancer.

    FAQ’s re Therapeutic Yoga

    I just hurt my back, should I wait?
    Often this is the perfect time to come in! All movements will be done so as to not increase your pain, and in fact you will find relief. Working when you are in pain or tension, gives us a unique window to discover which parts of your body should be working and what’s working that shouldn’t be. Check with your healthcare provider if you are unsure – I am happy to coordinate treatment with them.

    Do I need to be flexible?
    No, flexibility is a result of ease of functional movement across a range of motion. PureEase Therapeutic Yoga will help you gain flexibility that is based on stability. Now is always a good time to start!

    How often should I come to see improvements?
    Generally 3-5 sessions are suggested to see progress. Over time, as you progress, your goals may change and we can continue to improve function for increasing well-being throughout your life and activities!

    I am recovering from an injury and my doctor says yoga will help – How long before I can come to a group class?
    If you are in pain or quite limited in movement, a group class is not a good idea. You will benefit much more from a customized session, paying attention to how you move, promoting healing, without re-injury. Therapeutic yoga is a great segue into a yoga class: as your recovery improves, you can join a class.

    How does yoga work?
    PureEase Therapeutic Yoga helps by bringing awareness into the body and improving its communication with the nervous system. It helps by improving function of all the major joints, tissues, and systems, building stability and strength on top of ease. Yoga is different than fitness in that fitness sometimes leads to tension and tightness; yoga does not. Research has demonstrated that regular yoga practice leads to positive gains not only physically, but psychologically.

    I can’t come the same day each week, is that ok?
    Certainly! We can book each appointment to meet your schedule requirements.

    “With pain there will be no gain!”