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Therapeutic Yoga:

 “I had such hip and back pain last night that I considered not coming to class.  I didn’t think that was a good reason though so I took 2 ibuprofens (which I rarely do) and came anyways.  The process you led us through relieved 90 % of the pain before I left for home and I still feel great this morning.”  
(LD told me she came in with hip pain)

 “Happy to report that my first day at Sunday River [skiing] was excellent! I attribute it to Yoga and You!  
(TL has hip flexor and knee pain)

“The benefits [in my home program] are unbelievable! I went in thinking I was going to be doing Yoga moves and who would think breathing techniques could have such a powerful affect.  Thank u very much for teaching me some totally amazing techniques. Thank u could never be BIG enough!”  
(NH came with multiple health issues and constant chronic pain)

“My body took a big hit in a jolting fall while I was hiking one day in October. One of the most helpful things Darcy did was to point out that I now had a different body after the fall than before the fall. I was not healing because my movements were too intense.  Darcy pulled me back, and pulled me back some more, supporting me to see and accept what was true for my body now. Over time I have begun to experience greater freedom of movement and know without question I am moving towards an even more functional body than I knew before the fall. I am basically pain-free and can even return to a supported cross-legged position while meditating.

Darcy’s ability to “see” what was happening and her ability to ask me to “try” something were both approaches I appreciated.  It helped me feel curious also; more like we were a team exploring together.
(DA came in with lower back pain)

“The chronic hip issue I’ve had for months now has improved – with the exercises Darcy has given me (my hip says “yes!” every timeI do them) and with my increased awareness of what is – and what is not – likely to exacerbate it. …  My sciatic pain while driving didn’t rear its ugly head during a 2.5-hour drive to Boston and back- Normally even riding in the passenger seat is painful and had been for about 6 years.”   
(DL came in with hip pain, and recurring sciatic pain)

“Darcy recommended some exercises that worked very nicely with the physical therapy exercises that I have been using. Not only did the exercises for the chronic pain in my shoulders help to relax my shoulder, but my whole body. Some of the exercises can be done at any time of the day, at the computer and in the car, assisting me to think about how to further relax the muscles and my whole body… The 3 sessions to assist in alleviating the chronic pain in my shoulder have accomplished that with an emphasis on whole body wellness.”    
(RF came in with inoperable torn rotator cuff)

I can’t thank you enough for yesterday’s session – I repeated some of the exercises later in the evening – upper back this morning was much better!!!! I know I have to continue – but really given the severity of how constrictive I felt – I was beaming this morning after one session!!!   
(AD, yoga and pilates instructor, had pain in her back and severe restriction in torso)

“[When I started] most movements created some discomfort in the [hip] joint. Darcy was very careful about limiting the movements and focusing on very small increments of movement.  I appreciated the direct instruction and I found that I became more aware of the ideas of resting some areas of my body [that were overworking] and limiting movement to a specific joint or muscle set. The homework has led to more movement in my right hip joint and I am continuing to work on my alignment, both lying down and standing.”
(CW came in after hip replacement)

“I have gained the ability to adjust and try to take care of my body.  If my body sends me a signal [of pain or strain] I respond to it with what Darcy has taught me.  Hiking [on a recent vacation] has not been an issue at all!”   
(TL came in with hip and knee pain)

“Having this time with you to focus just on my well-being was a gift. You did an entire exam, can’t think of a better word, of my body.  Where I feel pain or discomfort, where I hold my stress.   Since our session, I have a better understanding of how I can find ease.  Not by force but finding the place of pain or discomfort and then I like to think as if to back off from the pain or the discomfort [and move more correctly].  The awareness is so important…”   
(DG came in with back and foot pain.)

Just so you know, I consider you the anchor of my “team”.   I wouldn’t be where I am today without you getting me on the road to better health.   When I think about how I was when I met you I marvel at how little I knew about me.  The Universe sent you to begin a new way to live. Thank you.   
(PH came in seeking additional support during a personal growth process, increasing ease, joy, and well-being.)


“I am still amazed and grateful for the work you did with me. What was uncovered still continues to unfold for me.” 
– Laura in Minnesota

“I have found that working with Darcy through the Family Constellations has brought greater understanding into my life. I have empathy for and charity towards myself and my family, for the ways in which we have grown ourselves up together.”

– Roger in Ohio