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yoga_classes_circTurning Light PureEase offerings are based on my integration of a many years of studies (in US and India) in Yoga, Meditation, Gestalt Therapy, Ayurveda, and more. Classical Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and much of the philosophy is based in the Himalayan Tradition over the last 20 years, augmented by several years in India with other Teachers. More recently the work of Susi Hately’s Functional Synergy and Thomas Hanna’s Somatics have deeply influenced how I practice and work with the body and mind, in classes and therapeutically.

Class Offerings – descriptions below



Learn to move well, improve communication among the parts, and experience more ease and energy.


PureEase Yoga Classes
Hatha Yoga with an emphasis on finding core stability, functional movement, and a balanced body in postures. We use therapeutic techniques and unique props to allow us to nourish relaxation, learn functional movement, and apply this to traditional asana.

Postures for physical well-being make the body supple, strong, and free from disease. Meditative postures lead to a stable, restful, mind and body. Both types of postures work with the muscles & tissues, as well as body systems including nervous, digestive, circulatory, & glandular. Greater ease brought to one place in the body leads to more ease everywhere.

Each class is a 1.5-hour combination of centering, breathing, movement, and stillness and is appropriate for most people.

We work according to a proven set of principles that lead us toward the following goals:

Personalized PureEase Therapeutic Yoga

Are you looking for a yoga class to target your specific needs? Designed for those in pain, recovering from an injury, or with mobility issues, each student will have a customized program based on personal needs, limitations, goals, and pace. This 6 week pre-registered (no drop-ins) series will be limited to 4-5 people providing plenty of individualized attention. Through the use of slow intentional movements, we will help reset your central nervous system and movement patterns to reduce and relieve pain, increase stability and strength. You can expect to leave feeling lighter, more powerful and more at ease in your body.

Restorative Meditation Class – TBD

Build up your buffer for Fall seasonal changes and the Holidays.

Fall is a big season change – both in terms of climate (from warm and moist to cold and dry) and lifestyle. Summers we are focused on being outdoors, being active,… summers have their own rhythm.  Fall has almost a “new year” feel: back to school, more time inside, new projects, and this year, a stressful election cycle to boot. Change, whether seasonal, lifestyle, or whatever, is disruptive to our system: our minds spin, our hormones (both for men and women) shift, our skin and membranes dry out, etc. and we are more susceptible to “bugs” going around. We need to find a new balance in body, mind, and soul to maintain health and happiness. 

Come for a short 6-week restorative series to help restore balance and build a buffer for yourself.  We’ll draw on Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and more. Each class will include a 20-30 minute guided meditation that can be done in a supported reclining position. Gain tools you can use easily at home. Move through Fall into Winter with EASE. 


Live Your Life Awake! Workshops help us:
Begin to transform your life, one step at a time. Gaining the skills to choose attitude, thought, and action may be the grandest adventure you can take, leading to a joyful, well-lived, Awake! life.

Saturday Series (dates and times in calendar)  Saturday Series workshops include yoga, meditation, pranayama, philosophy of yoga, healthy living, and more.

Current/upcoming Workshops.  Please pre-register.

Pigs Eat Wolves: Self-Mastery as a Spiritual Path

9 month class begins Saturday  Sept 22, 2018 9-1030

For more information click here to download the flyer! Pigs Eat Wolves Flyer

Samples of recent past programs: (available for private workshops, and future dates) 

NEW!  Ayurveda: Managing Change Gracefully         

An introduction to Ayurveda applied to helping us manage change: in the seasons, in our bodies as we age, on the mat and off.  Experiential, lecture, discussion; materials provided.

NEW! Rhythmic Movement: Play & Heal!

When reflexes are not integrated, body parts cannot easily move independently, creating for example strain or uncontrolled movements. These neurodevelopmental movements not only help integrate reflexes, they activate critical links between the cerebellum, limbic system and prefrontal cortex. This “whole-brain linking” supports optimal functioning, both physically and mentally. (Based on the work of Dr. Blomberg, author of Movements that Heal, and Moira Dempsey of Rhythmic Movement)  Suitable for anyone who can get down to the floor.

Freedom from Suffering 

In the Yoga Sutras, the “kleshas” describe how the mind becomes engrossed in limiting thought patterns which lead to mental and psychological distress. Come learn how these have shaped you, plus specific practices to become a happier person. Program includes lecture, discussion, movement.  Appropriate for all levels.

Tools for Joyful Living: Intro to the Yamas and Non-violence
Become an undisturbable person. Begin to transform your life, one step at a time. Introduction to the Yamas and an exploration of non-violence: turn from harming self and others to living kindness toward self and others. Gaining the skills to choose attitude, thought, and action may be the grandest adventure you can take, leading to a joyful, well-lived, Awake! life. (3 hr class)  This class is a re-requisite to the 5 month Study Group.

Happy Hips  
Much of our ability to move effortlessly comes from the hips moving in harmony with the pelvis and the spine, while providing a good base for the upper body to rest. Yet ease and freedom of movement can easily be compromised in our hips. Furthermore, hips are often responsible for the pain we feel further down the limbs in our knees, ankles, and feet, or in our lower back. Regain better hip function and movement and feel the difference happy hips makes!

Building Up for More Summer Fun!          Do you get back, knee or ankle pain biking, running or gardening?  Do your big muscles, like quads, tire easily?  When hips are limited, then these other areas take on extra load:  both inefficient and contributing to injury.  Come learn ways to gain in stability, efficiency, and strength.

Balanced Body – Balanced Mind  
Body and mind are interconnected: we can’t expect to have a calm, clear, focused mind if our body is achy, stiff, or bloated, nor can we expect to have a relaxed, resilient body if our mind is racing or tied up in knots! Come explore creating a better balance!

Releasing Tired, Sore Shoulders (and Necks)
Over the years, I see so many students who carry tension in their neck and shoulders. Whether it’s too much time at a desk and computer, or driving, or just a result of stress, you don’t have to suffer through it. Come learn both how you can make the tension worse, and how you can release it, feeling the resulting ease communicated through your whole being.

The Great Core Story
What is core and how do I get more? There are so many confusing stories out there about what is core and how to strengthen it. Learn the difference between deep core and core stabilizers. Learn to feel core stability from the arches of your feet to the roof of your mouth!

Getting out of the Cycle of Back Pain
Aching backs or sore sacroiliacs are a common complaint in our world. Studies show that more than half of all adults suffer chronic back pain! Come learn both how you can make the tension worse, (some of our favorite stretches are guilty!) and how you can release it, feeling the resulting ease communicated through your whole being.

Nurturing and Balancing your Inner Fire.
Gain energy and vitality, improve your processes of digestion, elimination, re-balance hormones, improve clarity of thought, reduce sluggishness, brain-fog, and more!

Intro to Northern Indian cooking 
Students have been asking for this for years! Learn to make staple Indian dishes (such as dal, curries, kicheri, and more) with tips to help you experiment with your own curries and flavors. Learn too to make your own ghee and paneer cheese. Rooted in Ayurveda (literally knowledge of life) where food is our first medicine. We’ll also eat our own cooking sharing a full sit-down meal.

Preparing for Winter Sports: Have More Fun!
In skiing, snowshoeing, skating… most of the movement is forward – ie in the sagittal plane. Stability therefore must come from beyond the big muscle groups of quads, hammies, and the big back and bum muscles. Unlock your power muscles by nurturing support in the other planes of movement.

How to Do Sun Salutations that Don’t Kill You!
Love Sun Sals but some or all of the poses are difficult or bring strain? Break down the movements of each pose on a clear path to beautiful sun salutes you can enjoy doing.

Pranayama: Gateway to Meditation that Makes a Difference
Unlock the power and mystery of pranayama practices direct from Patanjali’s yoga sutras. Learn to explore, nurture, guide, and build prana.


Calm Steady Strong™: Yoga for people dealing with Cancer

In short, this program is all about enabling a person to move from surviving to thriving, to move from where they are, to where they want to be. AND, to get there in a process that is calm, steady, and strong. This program is available via private sessions, a group class, and I am willing to travel to work with intact groups. Download a full description here.

Semi-private and Custom Classes

Any of the above classes and more can be offered, tailored, or developed to meet the needs of private groups. Whether you would like to create your own small group and come here, or have me travel to you, you can have just the yoga experience you are looking for! Please inquire.


Stay tuned! Summer 2015 in Maine!
Yoga Sutras for the body, for the mind, for the soul (working title)

Family Constellations Workshops

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